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Purpose of this FAQ's
Seeing as many questions keep being asked over and over again by new members, this should answer most questions when first purchasing an E28 M5

Procedure for adding an article to the FAQ's
Requests to add a thread to the FAQ's list can be submitted to any of the moderators of the E28 M5 forum. If mod/admin agrees, the thread will be added to this list.

HOWTO: Upload pictures to
E34 section dictionary (Explanation of commonly used abbreviations in the E34 section.)
Forum etiquette, politeness and namecalling etc (Rules of behavior on this board)
The E34S M5 FAQ's (Visit the FAQ's about the successor model that still shares many technical aspects with the E28S M5).

Picture thread E28 M5 Please post the pics of your E28 M5 or E28 M535i here.

General E28 M5
Restoration and overhaul of E28S M5 #231 Blog with long time owner experiences, including an engin rebuild.
I have bought Bernie's E28 RHD M5 Blog with owner experiences including an extensive chassis and body restoration.
The South African E28 M5's have always been a mistery. We know that they exist, but facts are rare. This particular car not only shows proof, but also gives info in the logistics behind these cars.

Why not use oiled air-filters (located in the E34 M5 forum)
Synthetic vs semi-synthetic motor-oil's (located in the E34 M5 forum)
Camshaft alignment conciderations (located in the E34 M5 forum)
Throttle Position switch adjustement (E28 ///M5, E24 M635CSI and E24 ///M6 models)
S50B32-chain-tensioner-upgrade for the S38B35 & M88/3 (E28 ///M5 and E24S M635CSI and E24 M6 models)
Valve-spring defect An article about the single valve-spring design from the M88/3 and its risks.
Differential mount M5 vs M535i A comparison between the differential mount of the M535i and the M5; Is it possible to use the low-cost M535i part?
Share your (Blackstone) oil analysis here (these are true facts and not assumptions about oil-and engine wear)

Suspension & Brakes

Wheels & Tires

Bodywork & Lights



Media & Entertainment
Becker Mexico restoration and installation in an E28S.


Special Projects
Lucifer's Hammer: Ken H's S38B35 4.0ltr turbo A well argumented thread about the conversion of a US E28 M5 into the ultimate beast.
Unichip and Alpha-N airbox Does this modification make sense ? Check this excellent thread to find out !
S38B36 conversion It requires a lot of work and devotion to create an E28 with S38B36 conversion.

E28 M535i corner
My E28 M535i racecar buildstory A well documented thread on how to revive an M535i into a dedicated track car.

The first international sharknose meeting in Wezep the Netherlands on 28 August 2010 (includes E28 M5, E12 M535i and e.g E20 2002turbo). An excellent even with more the 200 attending cars from the BMW sharknose era.

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hmm I saved some of the files from the bmwe34m5 FAQ that Ben Mehling setup/hosted, ill post a few of them over time
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