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While taking some pictures the other day, I was backing up along a curved sidewalk. I ran the right rear wheel up the side of the curb. All the while my lovely wife stood and watched.... from the other side, ugh!

She has total confidence in my driving and usually demonstrates it by slamming her right foot on the floor boards every once in a while when I come up on someone a little to close at a red light, for example.


To their credit my Dunlops, as advertised, protected the wheel. Even though the curb had a foot long black mark, the wheel did not have a scratch. The tires have a solid bead at the edge of the wheel that evidently doesn't give. I also understand they are a ***** to take off and put on a wheel but that's not my problem.

Have any of you Dunlop drivers experienced this?

00 M5 Titanium over Red
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