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I don't know if it happen to any board members here, I did my search already.
Car warmed up, Outside Temp was around 32deg and i was parked.
Started the car both light came on and the car die... Waited a few minute and started right up and both light went off.
This Happen to me two time this week.
check the brake fluid and level is good and the Battery is good.
There was no snow or rain at the time when this happen.
Was wondering if anybody had this issue?
Hope is not the dsc unit.

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My vote is on a bad/weak battery. I have a E46 and same thing happened when the battery had a bad cell. All kinds of strange and stupid things happen when the batteries is these cars get weak.

I just replaced a 2 year old OEM battery in my M5, slight acid leak, probably caused a cell to become low on electrolyte.

I did not have any specific problems, however, I was monitoring the Voltage via the dash display and I did not like what I was seeing.

Hold the left Check Status button in on the dash for about 5-6 seconds until you get the display to change to change to Test-NR. 01.

Keep pushing the Check Status button until Test-NR. 09 shows up, then push the trip odometer reset button. If you get the word Locked, add up the last numbers of your VIN and then choose the sum of your last VIN numbers using the Check Status button to unlock your cluster, then work your way back to Test NR. 09, which is battery Voltage. When starting your battery Voltage should not drop lower than about 11.2 Volts as I recall. When you turn the car off, the battery Voltage should not drop below 12.4 Volts with the radio on for 10 minutes as I recall.

Test NR. 7 is Engine Coolant Temp.
Test NR. 16 is Engine Oil Temp, only when engine is running.
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