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I was in Brussels today for a meeting. After the meeting, I gave Sherlock a ring and asked him if he had time for a cup of coffee. Fortunately he had time and I had the opportunity to see his Alpina B7 Turbo.

He was kind to take the car out of the garage. We took it to the Autobahn and I had even the chance to drive it on the way back :)

The B7 Turbo has 300hp, very close to our B3S, but this is a raw driving machine. It's loud, it's rough, it's a macho car. The turbo didn't surprise me, once you pushed the throttle, nothing happens for the first 1-1,5 seconds, but then it presses you into the seats. An awesome car.

The car is in perfect condition, the paint, the engine, the interior all perfect.

Here are some photos :)


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