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you don't believe it if you haven't driven it. this car is furiously quick. went to the autobahn and had in no time 260km/h on the speedo.

even more impressive than flatout speed was the handling on b-roads. the car has much more grip than the e39, the dsc in standard mode is much less intruding than it was with my "old" m5. at corners where my old car just blinks his dsc light in the console, this one presses you in the seats and around the corner without giving up...

you have to get used to driving at higher rpms, you feel less torque at lower rpms than in the old one. it takes you only a couple of minutes to learn this though :M5thumbs:

i will post a small movie with the exhaust sound later on.

looks like we have a winner here, will get mine in september or so! can't wait!!!
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