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Here's what I posted in another thread regarding the E63:

It's a great car, I had the privilege of going to the AMG Test Drive Event that MBUSA held at El Toro airbase over the weekend.

We got to take a C63, E63 and/or SL63 on their 1.1 (or so) mile track.

I liked the car, but it felt significantly heavier than our M5. On the track, I still feel like the M5 is sharper, more agile and communicative. I'm comparing one lap in an MBUSA made track in the E63 compared to countless laps at the BMW Performance Center in an M5, though.

The torque on the E63 is fantastic. However when you're on a track, I think the M5 is more satisfying and forgiving. The E63 will break lose without warning. ESP Sport cannot compare to M-Dynamic Mode.

Sadly though, I think the E63 is better than our cars for daily driving. The near instantaneous torque and comfort is better suited for daily driving.

The transmission was very smooth and extremely fast for an automatic. The interior of the E63 was pretty cool (with the new gadgets and all). The car looks significantly better in person that in pictures.

What kinda bugged me about the E63 was the damn push-button park.

It's no doubt that the E63 is a great car. But, I'll wait for the F10 M5. If that isn't up to par, I think I'd get a face-lifted C63 AMG with the new P31 Performance Package and LSD and hopefully by then, MB will put in the MCT transmission on the car, over the E63.
However, the new CLS63 AMG with the V8TT could end up being very good...
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