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DPE wheels s7 20x9 front, 20x11 rear with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Three piece wheels.

Tire sizes are 255/35/20 fronts and 295/30/20 rears

These are off my 2008 bmw m6.

I babied these wheels for years as you can tell the condition. No curb rashes whatsoever.

Tire tread left is 60-70%

Liquid Cinder finish DPE does not produce to my knowledge. And is an amazing shiny black with a hint of grey.

Hate to let these go but I got a different set of wheels for the vehicle now.

As you can tell I took any pictures of any imperfections; the only two are, one wheel has a small scratch where the lug nuts go in. And also the chrome on one wheel has a slight imperfection. I have owned these for years so not sure what's going on but please note this is the slight noticeable issue with the wheel if you're a car enthusiast.

Any questions please ask if you're interested can take more pictures or discuss
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