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FULL GALLERIES & PRICING INFO (ask 4 better price)

In-House Wheel / Tire Packages Available (see how we do it)
There are several reasons to buy from us. First, we personally pick up DPE wheels from their manufacturing facility in Southern California. That means that the wheels have to go through our quality control before we ship it to you. Second, we provide you with the most competitive pricing. Last, our mounting and balancing procedures insure that your wheels will not have exposed wheel weights or any type of damage.

Automotive Connoisseur Group has been a DPE Wheels dealer since 2003. Naturally, as DPE is trimming their dealer network, we are now one of the select Authorized Master-Dealers. What it means to you is that we can match and beat any other dealer's pricing, we can offer some cool and unique finishes, we can keep you closely posted on the ETA and production of your wheels.

Concave Monoblock "MT" Series
One-Piece Street Wheel 19"- 22"
Row 1: MT10 | MT7 | MT5 | MT20 v2
Row 2: MTR10 | MT16

Concave & Deep Concave Multipiece "CS" Series
3-Piece Street Wheel 19" - 22"
Row 1: CS5S v2 | CS5S v1 | CS5 | CS7
Row 2: CS10 | CSR16 | CSR05 | CS16
Row 3: CST7 | CS20

Multipiece "SP" Series
3-Piece Street Wheel 19" - 22"
Row 1: SP16 | SP5 | SP10 | SP20
Row 2: SP8 | SP18 | SPR10

Multipiece "Signature" Series
3-Piece Street Wheel 18" - 26"
Row 1: S5 | S7 | S20 | S15
Row 2: S10 | SL5 | ST7 | ST10
Row 3: ST5

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