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i don't know why, i know it's going to me a time/money suck but ive been playing grand trourismo and now i want to race.

so im considering some upgrades to my baby and Im wondering what you guys would recommed on a cost/reward ROI basis.

- shocks
- wheels/tires
- brakes

here's my opinion:

first get race-specific wheels, you can't be racing on your daily commute tires (did i mention that my beast is my daily driver as well? Well, it is.)

after the wheels, the suspension, I'm thinking bilstein pss9s because of their adjustability. i installed bilstein shocks on my e34 540i and loved them.

finally, brakes. the stock brakes are good enough, but more stopping power is always welcome. i just have a hard time getting my head around the cost. i dont understand why a brake sysetm needs to cost ~2K.

anyways, your feedback is appreciated and i'm looking for sponsors!!

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you've got the wrong car to go racing. A 4000lbs 4 door sedan is not going to be competitive.
If you're thinking track days for fun, that is a different story, and you're much better off investing the money in good instruction to learn how to drive on the track before you put money in the car. Track tires will mask a lot of sloppiness, so learn on street tires.

Rear wheels on the front with 275's at all four corners, a dinan rear sway bar, good brake pads, fresh high temp fluid and opening up the brake ducts are the tried and true low cost mods that will make the car much more capable on track.
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