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Donington Park Track Day

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Hello All,
I am scheduled to do a track day - open pit lane at Donington(UK) this Friday.
I am going with a friend of mine who is a racing driver - he normally races at all major tracks inc DP hence he would be showing me the lines/training me.

I am taking the M5 since it is best to learn in the car you normally drive...

The organisers mentioned a Carrera GT would be attending plus other super cars. I will try to take some pics for all.

Any sound advice from you guys about tracking - it is an all day, open pit lane - no time limit session. I assume oil level should be at the higher level on the dp stick? tyres press at the higher level?

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i did donnington in the M5 last november. The main issue is the brakes which are likely to cook unless youre a great driver who can carry huge speeds through the corners!

- use the long straight to cool the brakes as much as poss, its easy to fry the stock brakes there. Ease off the throttle early on that straight as the braking into the chicane will be from 120-40 otherwise, and will cook the pads within 2 laps.

- The cooling lap is there for a reason, try not to use the brakes at all on that final lap, and dont use the handbrake once stopped - better to leave in gear.

- Another M5 was there when i was, and was speaking of how he was using all the revs right upto the limiter ( i was changing at 6-6500). His M5 went home on the back of a truck the poor fella. Sounded like someone had poured a bag of nails into the cylinders! :crying:

-Its a great track, and even when wet is fun to drive as long as youre sensible!!

Attached a couple of pix

Have a great day and ping this thread with your thoughts/outcomes, its always good to compare other peoples track experiences when you've actually driven the track!!

Ive upgraded to stoptech brakes now, and once i buy some track pads, will get back into the track day action again - keen to do brands.

foxy :noSMG:

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Have fun on Friday & stay safe - hope you get good weather too!
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