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Does this belong to anyone here?

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Mmm-Five said:

Shame it is a left hooker. Apart from that though, a good buy to somebody. It is keenly priced and well looked after.

BURTON said:
Nothing Wrong with a Leftie..

Ever tried overtaking in a left hand drive car? Certainly not for the faint hearted. Fine on motorways, but as for the rest, forget it.
BURTON said:
It makes you think and keeps your speed down abit also!!

As you see on my signature one of my regular locations is Kent. I regularly use the M20 and surrounding A/B roads . There are serious crashes everyday there and 90% are caused by foreign drivers rushing to get to the ferry port at Dover. About 20% are head on.

I completely agree about it perhaps making you a better driver, however there are too many scenarios where having a left-hand drive car in the UK puts you in more risk of a crash no matter how good / careful a driver you are. The reality is you can't control other road users.


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Mmm-Five said:
And I can't be arsed getting out to order/pay for my Big Mac/Double Whopper/Zinger, nor for car parks!

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1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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