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Do yourself a favor

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Every once in a while, you have to drive a different car. Really makes you appreciate the M5.

We just got back from a vacation where we had a Pontiac Bonneville rental. This is a car that has NO engine braking. It will do 30mph without touching the gas pedal, and bleeding even a few MPH off at highway speeds means touching the brakes. (I solved this partially by leaving the auto in "2" all the time.) No steering feel, and no sense of center, lousy seats, and pretty gutless for a "sporty sedan."

Also when I had the car in the shop the other day I borrowed a Z3 for a drive since I hadn't driven one. Definitely fun - but (this was a '97 2.8) definitely felt "cheap" compared to the M5. Steering is really quick (good) but has almost no feel (bad). Gearing is low so initial acceleration is good, but lack of torque is quickly noticed.

Anyway, all I know is that each time I got BACK into the M5, it felt SO good.
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Felt exactly the same when you mentioned the Z3 2.8. Ended up buying an M Roadster (which I sold shortly for an Audi, Traitor!!!) and it really is night and day comparing with the Z3. You will want to red line the roadster everytime you shift into gear. Road feel is much improved (wider wheels, stiffer suspension maybe?). And oh yeah, you get torque, you get all the torque you want for a sub-compact two seater. Give it a chance, you won't be disappointed.
Partly because of my garage and the weather, I did find myself driving the M Roadster more than I do the M5.

I am not saying the M5 is bad at all (that's while I sold the M Roadster instead), I love my car. But I would say the M Roadster is a completely different kind of fun.

I would say your comparison with the Bonneville is relatively more apples to apples. But then again, why would the name Bonneville show up here in the first place
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Don't complain alpywhite

When you're having the rain in November/December/January, we are walking centimeters of snow on the East end

Now that you've mentioned E46-engined M Roadster, do you have any idea when it will come to Canada? I wanted that one so badly, but then again, if it's 2002 (because E46 M3 convertible won't come until late 2001), then I might as well wait for a new body style of the M Roadster ? (since 1996, it will be 7 years when 2003 hits) Any news on that?

Sorry Greg, I took your message and twisted it into something else completely off topic, hope you don't mind

Originally posted by alpywhite:
I had a GS400 and an Imola Red M Roadster. We had an all-time record for rainfall last year...a disgusting 191 days. Coming to terms with the fact that Vancouver gets a lot of liquid sunshine, I sold the M this spring.

I miss it - particularly when the sun's out. Vancouver is so spectacular in the (rare) absence of rain. Carwise, I miss the torquey 3.2, the fantastic little chassis and brakes, and of course, top-down motoring.

Nonetheless, it's realistically not a top-down city. In search of a second car, I looked at 993 coupes, C5 Vette coupes...even replica AC Cobras. Then I remembered how many weeks in a row my M would hide from the rain in my second underground stall.

If fate was to relegate me to a one-horse stable, the M5 was the only answer. No regrets, but I still smile at passing M Roadsters. Maybe I'll scoop up a used one cheap when the new E46-engined ones come out...

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