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Do you have the book BMW M-Series

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A collection. I just got my copy today and was suprised to learn that the E39 M5 is not included even though the book was published Feb 2000. The european 5's were out in 98.

Anybody no what gives? Or did amazon sell me the older version.

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Lyle: Yep you read correctly. Its a mystery to me how the order went through as well.
I did not order through BMW Individual.

What really I find odd is that only the few people on this and Kelvin's BBS and other BMW M5 enthusiasts realize that caramel with Titanium is a non-standard combo. If I mention it to someone who actually works for BMW they don't even notice.

I don't really have any great pictures yet, but heres what I have so far:

I'll take some good ones today and post later.

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