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Do new M5s take 5W40 oil instead of 10W60?

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Hello All,

I went to BMW of San Francisco today to get some 10W60 for my soon to arrive E39MMMMM
, but the parts department guy asked me when my car was built. It was built in week 26 (middle of June--last month) and it's now on the boat to the US.

He told me E39 M5 built after March/April 2000 will take 5W40 instead of 10W60 oil. Hesistant about that, I ended up not buying the 10W60 oil.

Could anyone confirm/deny this? I know I do not have to be in a hurry, and I definitely will find out right under my car's hood when it gets here, but I am curious about this information he provided.

Thanks all in advance.
Best of Motoring,