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When I first got my M5 (last September) I did the drive on the 10 and outside of Blythe a Highway Patrol was going the other way while I was passing a Lexus and *BAM!* he turned around at the next chance. I slowed and pulled to the slow lane, but he pulled me over anyways.

Said he had me at 93. He reduced it to 85 so I could go to traffic school (on-line is the best!).

After the ticket and he was getting ready to walk away he asked if I had a radar detector. I said, no. He said, "****, really, you slowed very fast.". I said, "Well, I was looking...". ;)

I would highly recommend it. I have the V1 and it rocks. If you choose not the get one, just take it very easy for the 20 miles into and out of Blythe. They are all over the place there.

I do that drive every couple of months and it can be a great run. :wroom: Don't ruin it with a ticket.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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