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Ok it's the age old question but i'm going to ask anyway....

I would love to buy a second hand M5 my budget would be about £18k which means at best if searching i can find a 2000 model with about 65k on the clock.
I want to keep it for 3 years and will do around 20k miles a year in it- mainly motorway.
I will then need to sell it and based on my financials i would need to get around £8k for it when i resell- difficult to call right, but any ideas on if i am crazy are welcome.
Some other questions...
1) Do i have to take it to BMW ? can i get it serviced cheaper elsewhere or do i need BMW expertise to make sure job is done correctly ?

2) If i was to budget around £1500 a year to look after her- is it too little (20k miles a year!)
3) How reliable are they- should i expect between 65k to 125k miles a few major things will go wrong or are there some stories of cars that just run without problem- i've seen so many with 'new engine from BMW just fitted' that it's scary?

I know it's a lot of info to ask. I know there is no definitive answer. but feedback is welcome.

I just ran an S Stype Jag 3.0 V6 for 2 years and 45k miles with nothing more than oil change services and one set of brakes at my local garage. i was amazed but am guessing that running an M5 is going to be far more complicated.
But i SOOOOO want one.

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Thanks See Sure- that's encouraging- my problem- and no offence- but a certain amount of jealousy :crying2: is that many people on this forum seem to be affluent enough to buy a nice M5 and not really have to care too much about the cost- just check out the threads on saving fuel ;-) and that's nice but there is also people like me that really want to own one- always have- but cannot afford to not care about the cost.

My view is that there are ways to own these kind of cars without having to spend a fortune. it may be a very different car but the jag i owned originally scared me from a reliability POV (coming out of comp car scheme to buy my own) and yet through searching down the right place to get it serviced and only going to Jag when i felt no one else would know the answer meant BIG cost savings.
From what you are saying it could be possible to buy a yr 2000 M5 without a remortgage!

does anyone have any success stories of long term 1yr + ownership without big bills ?

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thanks- more reasons to keep considering.

I will go check out the likes of Warranty direct etc and see what the costs are like. i looked at these in the past but was convinced that if something went wrong they normaly find a way to wriggle out of it.

As an aside my fall back options if not going for an M5 were as follows..

1)S4- cheaper to buy
2)Lexus Arsito Twin Turbo, loads of power but an import and worries me about finding people that know them well.
3)C32 AMG- £20k plus but a very nice car.

M5 is still top of list though :flag:
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