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I've had these in my garage for some time with the plan on making a second set of heavily customized headlights like the one that I currently have. However, I've moved on to other projects and are willing to part with these to let someone else have a shot. Here's the summary:

One of them is pretty much as it is from the factory; however, the other one is missing the projector and the bezel that surrounds the projector has glue marks from a previous project. It's also missing an angel eye ring.

Adjusters are necessary, as these were brittle as hell and broke.

The lenses are in okay condition, one which should be fairly easy to restore. However, they are missing a tab or 2 (nothing structurally critical, though).

No bulbs or ballasts of any kind on these, and they don't come with the turn signal sockets. So basically this is a kit for someone to retrofit or get started on a project.

If you're in NY, you can have them for $50. Otherwise, I'm letting them go for $100 shipped.

Feel free to ask any questions and thank you for looking!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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