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Ok as a few people have asked for this here goes...

I treated myself to a cic upgrade and under advice on here, I understood it could be done using the pre-lci controller... this was correct except the latest software updates remove this ability... therefore i had two choices... buy an lci console (£1000+) or make a bracket that fits what i have...

Tools Needed:

1x Stanley/Craft Knife

Things to buy:

1x Standard LCI iDrive Controller bracket (£30ish)
1x Pack of Bumper Filler
1x Clear Plastic film/membrane/polythene (thin but strong)
1x Roll of masking tape
1x Pack of sandpaper varying grades 1000+
1x Pack of Epoxy Resin/Araldite
1x Can of Matt Black spray paint
1x Roll of Duct tape

Ok so here goes...

First of all you need to remove the centre console to remove the old controller... and here's the bit you wont like... you need to cut back the plastic on the underside of the console a few mm as the plastic is very thick... you will get an idea of how much to trim when you start trying to fit things.

So the next part... using the old iDrive controller as a template,lay it on top of the new iDrive controller bracket and you will see it nearly completely covers it (as we need to fit in the hole) except the corners stick out further. Mark them up and cut them off to make it fit a similar footprint. Trim more rather than less we need things to be tight but not too tight.

Next lay the plastic membrane/film in the hole in the console and push it in to form a kind of bucket... it needs to be slightly deeper in there than the new bracket is tall. make sure you have at least an inch of film on the top all around the hole, now push the new bracket in the hole and make it fit nice and snug to the height you are happy with. it WILL be tight in there, now pull the film tight and mask it back to the console. Now get some duct tape and tape it all around the inside to stop us filling that and bits not fitting!
Here comes the freestyle part... mix up some body filler and push it a bit down the open edges, making sure it fills all gaps, and the smooth the top off as best as you can. Let it dry for 3-6hours minimum..

It will look like this:

Once dry rub down any very high points (or cut them off) and get it so the whole bracket is a similar height. Now mix up your epoxy.. Spread a thin layer over your work.. this will help bind the filler to the plastic bracket and will (if done correctly) form a very smooth finish for us to cut down on sanding.

Now leave it 24hours for the epoxy to harden and you should be able to lift the whole thing up. you may have to cut the film. take it out of the car and let it harden for a further approx 24 hours. now you can smooth the edges with sand paper and make the round part as round as necessary. Once done use the very fine stuff to make the top very smooth. Finally get your black spray... spray it up with a few coats... wait a day, fit and enjoy

**If you put it in and buttons stick (i had a sticky Tel button) you need to cut back some of the inside of the controller or sand it back... a bit of trial and error and it will be perfect...

Hope you find this helpful!

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