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Hi all, I am sure most of you are plagued with e60 folding mirrors that either fold too far without stopping, don't line up when they do stop, and fold after a few minutes when the car goes to sleep and end up pointing at the ground. There was another thread on this and most of my information came from it, but the pictures on that thread are mostly gone so I figured I would make a new one to have a complete DIY in one place. Bear with me this is my first DIY post.

Start by removing the Philips head screw in your door panel.
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Next using a trim tool to avoid damaging the leather, carefully pop the tabs around the perimeter of the door panel and about half of the tabs at the top of the door panel.
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Now you should be able to pull the tweeter trim piece off. It has one small clip and the rest of it hooks around the door frame behind the felt part of the window seal. Window must be down to remove this.

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Once you move the tweeter you will have access to all 3 Torx T30 screws that secure the mirror to the car. Remove those screws and disconnect the wiring harness. Make sure to carefully push the grommet through the door. The bottom screw will still being slightly blocked by the door panel, I used a Torx key to remove it.

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Get the mirror to a good workplace that is soft enough to avoid damaging the paint. Remove the gasket for the base of the mirror. I should have replaced this while I was in there but I wasn't thinking about it at the time.

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Now it is time to remove the glass. I tilted the glass all the way down manually and then you can just reach behind it and carefully pop it off the motor. It has one connector so make sure you remove it slowly or you could damage the ribbon cable.

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Time to start separating all of the plastics. The first one is held on with 4 black coarse thread Torx T10 screws.

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With that removed it should look like this.

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Next I chose to remove the base. To do this you need to de-pin the connector to get the wires through the grommet because the hole in the base is not big enough for the grommet to fit through. Here is what the connector looks like for reference.

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Once the connector is de-pinned you can slide the grommet off. Here is the orientation of the grommet.

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Remove this piece of foam to access the two Torx T20 screws that hold the base to the mirror.

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Now with the base removed your mirror should look like this. Remove the 4 Silver Torx T10 screws holding the back mirror plastics together. I had already removed one of mine before taking the picture.

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With the 4 T10's removed you will be able to separate the bottom mirror shell from the top part. Disconnect the puddle light and then it is held together with some plastic clips. These are very brittle and prone to breaking so be gentle.

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Now we need to disassemble the folding mechanism from the part of the mirror that actually holds the glass. The mirror shell won't fit over the base flange so don't try. Just be careful with it now that it is loose.
This clip is what holds everything together. I removed it by going around the outside of it and slowly prying it up with a screwdriver.

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Here is the clip and spring removed.

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Once the clip is removed, you can slide this part out.

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I did not get a picture before I removed it, but remove the ring that sits on top of the motor. It lifts straight up and off.
And now we are where we need to be to "fix" this problem. This is the motor and gearset that control the folding function. You can see the pin on mine is stuck down and the hole has been elongated from the pin being hit by the ring that is driven by the motor. This is what causes the mirrors to fold all the way around. That pin is supposed to stop the mirror.

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This is the cause of the mirror not lining up and sitting too low when not folded. These rings are what are driven by the motor and that little pin hits the ring and stops the mirror. Good idea in theory, not great when all of the materials are way softer than the pin and end up wearing out because of it. Here is what my original ring looked like and what the "new" used ring looks like. The "new" ring is not perfect, but you can index it to use one of the stops that is not damaged.

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Remove 4 more Torx T10 machine screws that hold the entire motor and gears into the mirror housing.

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Here is my "new" used motor and gear assembly. Remove the pin and thoroughly clean it, and the hole that is sits in. Apply new grease and reinstall it. This assembly isn't perfect but the pin moved freely and the hole was not elongated yet.

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Grease up the gears and reinstall the ring onto the motor.

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Time to reinstall this onto the base of the mirror. Depending on how your mirror is folded the plastic shell may be able to be removed. If it was make sure you put it back on before you press all of the together otherwise you will have to take it all back apart to reinstall it. Ask me how I know... I was able to reuse my clip and here is how I was able to press it all back together. Go slow and make sure everything is going on straight and evenly.

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From here it is the opposite of disassembly and fairly straight forward.

This repair is not a permanent solution. It is merely a band-aid and if you use your power folding mirrors frequently, then they will eventually wear out on you again and have all of the same symptoms. I don't use the function and so I was tired of my mirror constantly folding itself whenever I locked the car. In the other thread here, DIY: - Side mirror folding fix | Page 8 | BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums, Simon made stainless steel replacements of that ring. Unfortunately he only makes them in batches of 10 and they are expensive. It is the solution to this problem and well worth the money if you regularly use the function. I removed these parts myself from a pick-a-part and it cost me a total of $23 to fix both of my mirrors. I used parts from a pre-lci E90 and do not know if LCI E90 mirrors use the same components.

Hope this helps!

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Nice write-up and good to know of a potential fix.

every car has a handful of these wonky pieces that are prone to making long term owners crazy!
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