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Figured I'd combine a few things I had to search for into 1 post, and do an oil change for dummies post.

Preface: This is my in between scheduled maintenance oil change, which is why I did it through the extractor. While I recognize that many people feel that this method won't get heavier pieces out, such as metal flake (when compared to draining it out), I think it's more then adequate for the intermediate change. Plus, many people have commented that this method gets out MORE oil then the drain plug.

Items Used:

1) Mityvac Fluid Evacuator Plus 7201 - 8.8L capacity, hand pumped - $58.64 from (shipping was $12.95 to Florida)
2) OEM BMW Oil Filter Kit - P/N 11 42 7 510 717 - $6.87 from Pacific BMW (insludes O-ring for oil filter cap and for drain plug)
3) OEM BMW Synthetic 5w-30 oil - P/N 07 51 0 017 866 - $5.95/qt from BavAuto (Pacific BMW does not ship fluids like this) - Buy 8 quarts
4) 36mm Metric Socket to remove oil filter cap - $6.99 from Sears
5) 1/2 Torque Wrench (got one from Harbor Freight for $15, good for 10-130 lb/ft in 1 lb/ft increments)
6) Bounty Paper Towels - couple bucks a roll at local super market (or use shop towels, old rags, etc, anything LINT FREE!)


NOTE: Change oil when car is at normal operating temperatures.

1) Remove oil filter cap and remove filter - Remove the filter using a freezer sized ZipLock bag turned inside out. As you pull the filter out, fold the bag back down. When your done, the filter is in the bag and you can zip it shut, nice and clean.
2) Clean inside of oil filter housing and filter cap with paper towels/rags
3) Change O-ring on filter cap
4) Screwed on filter cap a few turns to prevent anything from getting inside, do not tighten
5) Remove dip stick tube
6) Insert fluid extractor tube into dip stick housing and pump handle
7) Wait for all your oil to get sucked out magically - around 7L should come out if your oil level was at MAX on the dip stick
9) Remove oil filter cap and insert new filter (BMW logo goes up!)
10) Pour some oil (I did about 1/2 qt) over the oil filter to pre-saturate it
12) Rub some oil on the threads of the filter cap and O-ring and tighten cap to 26nm
13) Remove oil access cover and pour oil into engine.
15) Start up car, let it idle, rev it up, shut it down
16) Check oil level
17) Go for drive, come back, let car settle, check oil level again


-The Mityvac Fluids Evacuator 7400 is a few bucks cheaper but only removes 7.3L - - $45.24 + shipping
-If you want to use Castrol TWS 10w60 (the only other BMW recommended oil), BavAuto sells it for 9.95/Liter
-The manual says an oil change + filter is 6.9quarts (6.5L). I pulled out around 7.2L, which is about 7.5quarts, which is the highest I recall anyone every saying they got out. When taker out the oil filter, I let almost all of the oil drain into the filter housing, not doing this would mean less oil removed. I also let the pump sit for a while and move the tub up and down a bunch of times.
-When unscrewing and re-tightening the oil filter cap, hold onto the housing so it doesn't push all the way to one side or another. It seems like it could easily brake off it's mounts if it was done too many times without limiting it's movement.
-Check the INSIDE of your oil filter tap as you take it off, and look at the top of the filter. The inside of the cap has 6 plastic "teeth" that hold push down on the filter. 1 of mine was broken off sitting on top of the filter. 2 of the teeth were already gone, probably from previous changes.

Entire process can take as little as 20 minutes, but since I'm always extremely slow when working on my car, it took me an hour. I suggest you be PATIENT with the fluid extractor. The more oil you get out, the better.
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