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First, thanks to m5board member auto-links for his DIY. Also, sorry in advance for the crappy cell pics.

3/8 ratchet
assorted extensions (optional)
13mm socket (PS wiper)
15mm socket (DS wiper)
Torque Wrench(es) (capable of 25 & 40NM)
Puller tool ( OTC 4611 Battery Terminal Puller: Automotive)
Flat and phillips screwdriver
Plastic Hammer
Large adjustable wrench (10" adjustable 1-1.5" jaw)

Cowl 51718159292
Plastic rivets x8 51218205295 (optional)
Penetrating oil (PB blaster)

First remove the cabin filter assemblies, except for the tube that goes into the firewall that can stay. Also, remove the rubber seal just behind the intake manifold.

First remove the wiper blade covers, I pried them off by hand fairly easily. Picture 2 shows what they look like underneath and where the clips are. Be careful with the larger passenger side one as there are some rubber o-rings that sit between it and the pivot point on the wiper arm. I almost lost one. Once removed you should see something that looks like picture 1. Pry off the covers using a flathead screwdriver in the slot on the wiper blade to reveal the nuts. Remove the nuts (13mm) and use the puller to remove the wiper. Do the same to the passenger side. This should show the square piece in picture 5. Like auto-links said this is the hardest part. I hit it with the penetrating oil several times and then replaced the nut on the top few threads and tapped it with the plastic hammer a few times. I then put the adjustable wrench on it and was able to remove it. You can't really tell from this picture, but it is not threaded on so it might come off with the puller. However do to the space constraints (clearing the hood) I wasn't having much luck getting it off that way.

Then remove the plastic rivets, I used my hands just prying up from underneath the cover, but I assume there is also a tool for removing these. They look like they would just come out with a phillips, but they didn't for me. Remove the three gold clips that secure the cowl to the firewall cover with the flathead screwdriver (see picture 4). I already removed the middle one but you can see where it was in the picture. Now you should be ready to pull off the cover. I cleaned the area with some quick detail and a rag. It should now look like picture 6.

Reassemble everything in the same manner and torque the wipers to specifications (25 & 40NM).

Ok so now for a small rant. You can see the two parts side by side in picture 8 with the exact same part number. Unfortunately they do not seem to be built exactly the same. If you look closely at picture 7 you will see the spacing for the hole closest to the top of the picture is different for the new part! So the hole does not line up with the rivet (pictures 9 & 10). You can even see where the hole used to be right below it! What the hell BMW??? Again these two parts are the EXACT same part number, and everything else fit perfect. I thought about cutting out the hole for the 8th rivet, but that still wouldn't solve the problem of the other hole. So I decided to just leave it as is for now and maybe plug it with something later or put a small piece of black electrical tape over it.

Anyways you can see how much better it looks compared to the deteriorating old part in picture 8. Hope this helps!!


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That is on my list...the list is long..
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