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i used to be a lead mechanic at a shop that doubled as a high volume tire center and if rims were ever damaged especially expensive ones they were bought new ones... the crazy thing is people know that shops are liabable for the rims they damage and try to get over on them... case and point: a CL65 amg (bi-turbo V12) came in i asked to do the car, but my boss said no he didn't want to take the chance with the rims... when he brought it in to do it he noticed the rims were scratched and noted it on the paper work, as well as giving the guy a call to let him know before we started dismounting the tires... well after putting the new tires on, and placing them on the balancer while i was standing right there, we both noticed a horrible wobble on both rear rims... like car shaking bad, well the next day the guy came back and said we bent his rims, which we really did nothin of the sort cause i watched my boss do it who is a tire pro... and the shop paid for 4 new rims at 4600 dollars a pair from benz.... just goes to show you how people take advantage of shops cause they know the pricipals of civil law... not to say you knowingly did the same... i was just showing that you really shouldn't be surprised that they gave you money for new rims or a refinish... congrats on getting the money tho!!
Yes, I was surprised that they replaced the rims so easily too but, they knew they damaged them, that is why I believe they did it.

I expected loads of corporate BS, but no, they owned up, and that is stellar customer service.

My recommendation is that customers, and tire shops, "inspect rims" prior to install (a cheap 4meg camera) then there will be no doubt.
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