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Disable DSC on 1999 BMW M5

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Anyone knows how to disable and enable correctly the DSC on a BMW E39 M5 of 1999???

I read a post to do it in a 2003 model or later, but I am not sure if its done for previous models.

In this post will be removed two fuses (17 and 30) but I suppose that this fuses would not be the same in the 1999-2002 models...

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Fart said:
Pushing the button not enough for you then?
No, In the dino test I have many problems to run in because at 5500 rpm cut power and I suppose that is the DSC like in later models...

I wish to apply the same procedure like the 2003 model but I do not know the fuses to disable... in 2003 are 17 and 30 but for a 1999 model I am not sure.

Can anyone help me?

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