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I posted this in another M5 group as questions about this assembly has come up a couple of times. Thought it might be useful to someone here as well.

Since I had my DINAN Suspenion off the car, I thought it might be a nice opportunity to have a quick chat about the rear shock assemblies.

This question has come up a couple of times about how loose the spring is when assembled and where to place the C Clip under the spring. For the E39 M5, the C clip should be placed in the middle notch or slot. When you get the kit from DINAN or the Shocks, this is how it should actually come.

I made the error once myself where I thought it was in the wrong spot as the spring itself was loose and moved around. I checked with DINAN about this, and that is the correct way when assembled for the E39 M5. Once the car is lowered, the car's weight will compress the assembly enough to firm up the spring and your spring should then sit snugly against the lower spring pad.

Here are some images to help:


View from underneath the spring plate or perch. I shows the C clip in the middle position or notch on the shock.


View from the top or side of the assembly


Once the car is back on it's feet or lowered, this is how the spring will / should sit.

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