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Differences between Radenergie R10 and RS10 wheels?

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i am thinking about getting new wheels and am pretty sure i am going to go with the radenergie wheels. but i see that there are two models that look the same and cant tell the difference. the r10 is the diamond cut and the rs10 comes in silver, chrome or black. i cant tell what the difference is and why there is such a big price difference. i have searched both online and on the forum and can't find an answer. anybody know? also any advice about which wheels to go with?
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The primary difference between the R10 and RS10 is that the RS10 comes with chrome lip and the R10 with polish lip. Also, R10s with Diamond Cut face is exclusive to Mercedes Benz. It may have changed recently and Diamond Cut R10s are now available to BMWs. Diamond cut is a higher quality finish than black, silver or chrome so that is basically the difference in price right there. Now, if you want Diamond Cut R10s with the chrome lip, like on my E63, it'll cost extra. HTH.
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