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Guys - i could really use some help diagnosing lock issues.
My m5 is doing the thing where if you lock it the locks pop back up, and you have to lock again... it also happens if going to unlock, it will re-lock. I thought the driver door actuator was the issue because over the window the key got stuck in lock cylinder one day... THE ISSUE STILL OCCURS WITH THIS ACTUATOR UNPLUGGED AND REMOVED.
My Key will not go into the driver door lock cylidinder anymore (damaged?). hit it with grease and it still will not accept key.

Note: i checked the wiring that goes to the trunk actuator and nothing jumped out at me. although definitely some tape on there from a previous fix.

So it appears I still need to find the proper door causing this issue, and also get a new door lock cylinder on top of that for the driver door (which i have no idea how to do and how to get it mated for the key_

Whats the best way to find the door causing the issue?
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