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I am writing a recommendation/referral for a dent removal business that just helped me get rid of the most difficult ding I’ve ever had! The business is out in the Upland/Claremont/La Verne/Ontario area. And I think it’s extremely helpful for guys from the Inland Empire to look him up, as they won’t have to go all the way out to the West side to have an expert fix their dings/dents.

Business name: Dent Evo
Owner: Joe Garcia (909) 921-1653

I’ve been on various car forums for almost two decades (dating back to Roadfly Car Forum & Off Topic Forum Community for my BMWs) and have never written a full-blown referral for anyone before. So why am I writing one now? I actually feel compelled to refer this guy for the outstanding job he’s done for me. And since I don’t see any Yelp or car forum referrals for him yet, I thought I could get his name out to fellow car enthusiasts.

Here’s my story. About a couple of weeks ago I took my 08’ M5 (which absolutely “had” no dings/dents) to a carwash place and was unfortunate enough to have my rear passenger door dented/dinged. Sadly it was no ordinary ding, as it was a one inch creased dent just right at the edge of my rear passenger door near the hinge area. Yes. I know. Out of all the places a carwash place could’ve damaged my car, it had to be there. And instead of a circular ding, it had to be a creased one. I saw this dent/ding every time I walked by my car and it hurt like hell just to look at it.

To reduce my heightened blood pressure, I immediately jumped on Yelp and searched frantically for highly rated dent repair experts. I found one locally, who said he’s been in the business for 14 years and shared his stories of having celebrity clients such as Jay Leno and Kobe Bryant with me. I personally found nothing wrong with that; any professional can boost their credibility in front of my face as long as they do a great job. In all fairness, this guy is quite good. He was able to maneuver a metal rod close enough behind the dent/ding to get rid of 85% of it. However, after an hour into it, he started to get frustrated, as he was unable to remove the rest of the indentation after trying to position the metal rod in between the window/door and from the side of the door. He even tried to suck out the dent with a glue gun without success. Though he wasn’t 100% successful, I still paid for his service in full since he tried hard.

The second expert I found was out of North Hollywood. He has almost 50 5 star reviews on Yelp and appeared to be very knowledgeable. However, my area is too far for him to service so I had to drive out 30 miles to meet him. I was still hopeful about getting rid of my ding/dent, after knowing that this guy has more than 18 years of experience. Anyway, after we met he looked at the dent/ding and tried to use 3 to 4 different tools to remove it before he gave up in disappointment. He said in order to remove the ding/dent, due to its location he would have to utilize a custom made metal rod. I was told to give him a call in 2-3 months and he might have the tools by then. Clearly, I was disappointed but at least this guy did not charge me anything for 30 minutes of his time.

So much for my efforts to reduce my blood pressure and I was just about to give up at this point. Basically two experts tried their hands on my little nemesis ding/dent and pretty much convinced me that I would have to live with it for the rest of the car’s life.

That’s how I met Joe, who’s actually referred by Mark of Elegance Auto Interiors in Upland (which is also a top notch shop for custom interior work). He looked at the pictures of the ding/dent, told me that it’s going to be a very difficult job and he couldn’t promise anything. But despite this he would still come by in person and try his best to improve upon it. Based on what I heard and the lack of information about Joe online, I was no longer hopeful but at least relieved to have another shot at my problem.

Joe showed up at the appointment as promised and looked at the ding/dent. He is extremely knowledgeable and will answer almost anything you want about door dings. He also doesn’t boast his credentials the way like others and really lets his work do the talking. Unlike the techniques the other guys applied, Joe is especially crafty about his work. I am no expert in dent/ding removal but in comparison with the works I’ve seen, Joe not only treats the affected spot like a job, he actually considers it an artwork!

An hour and half later, after carefully placing the rod to the spot (which was impossible to go into according to the previous two guys), using a heat gun and lightly banging around the metal area with a metal tip and a hammer, the freaking ding/dent was gone! I mean it literally vanished in front of my eyes. I even tried to feel it with my finger and couldn’t even tell that there was a dent/ding there.

I am especially anal when it comes to my car and even made numerous attempts to relocate the ding/dent with my eyes without success. In the end of the day, I suppose I can still see a fine hairline at the spot where the ding/dent was but I am sure it was nothing but my own hallucination.

In short, if the two previous guys who worked on my car were “masters” by trade, Joe has got to be the Grand Master of them all! The best part is Joe actually charged me less than what the others quoted me.

For those of you who know about the mobile wheel/rim god, Son Tran, Joe Garcia is a god of dents/dings! Two thumbs up for Joe!

So there you have it. The foregoing is my candid opinion/evaluation of Dent Evo. If any of you ever need any ding/dent work for your car, make sure you give Joe a phone call. He’s willing to even travel out to the Glendale/Diamond Bar areas.

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