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Dead battery?

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....pretty sure it's a drained battery. she's been sitting for about 2 months now without being started, all the dashboard gages and everything turn on including headlights but the engine doesnt even try to rollover. i assume it has enough power for some stuff but not enough to get her running? i hope? turning the ignition just gives me a bunch of loud clicks coming from the engine.

also, if it is in fact the battery, does it matter if you clamp the red or the black clamp on to the single battery bolt when you jump it?
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YES, YES, YES ... It does matter.

The RED clip goes to the battery (+) terminal under the plastic cap and the BLACK clip clips to a bolt (any clean grounded bolt) on the engine or a strut.

There are other things that could cause your problem ... like a bad starter solenoid.

I would seek help from someone who had done it before and be very careful if you decide to "jump" start it. If it were me, I would hook up a battery charger and let it charge for a couple of hours. Then disconnect it and try again to start it with the key.

There are very sensitive electronics on these cars that could get "cooked" if you make a mistake.
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