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So I put R888R 315/30/20's on the back after a friend ran them fine. I had issues before with a 305 Nitto on my 2015 M5. The trans went crazy after some driving, wouldnt shift etc.

After 1500 miles of driving my trans started going nuts on my 2016 M6, wouldn't shift at all manually, jumping all over in auto, 1,3,5 back and forth between 3rd and 5th.

I ended up getting a drive train error and then the car wouldn't run at all.

I think I may have two issues. The car just got back from the shop getting a new Carbahn stage 2 motor and PS2 Turbos. But the trans issues I am thinking maybe because of the tires.

Anymore input from people running bigger tires like this? I just ordered some 285/35/20 R888R's for the front to see if that ratio will fix it. Going back to my stock size PS4's means no traction till 80mph.

Love some input.

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