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DavidS: som useful threads and info

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(Please don´t post in this thread, but rather in the relevant threads listed below.)

This thread is a placeholder for stuff that would make my signature too long. I will link to it from my signature.


This is a list of some threads I´ve posted in, that might be useful.

Vanos noise and what to do about it:

Pre purchase inspection for 03 M5 - what to look for?

HOWTO: Replace O2 sensors (w/pics)

How to test the MAFs yourself and How MAFs work:
(this also has info about fuel pressure testing)

$115 MAF Group Buy:

Blackstone oil reports collection:

TECH: How to accurately compression test an S62 engine

TECH: Clutch break-in procedure after clutch replacment



Keep DSC on at all times, it will sooner or later save you and/or your car.
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres: YES!
Royal Purple Syncromax gearbox fluid: YES!
Oil change: every 8000 miles
Oil filter change: every oil change
Oil analysis: Blackstone Labs, every oil change
My favourite laptop based OBD-II code tool: (model ISO)