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I originally posted this under "Devaluation due to Accident" but did not use the question mark icon.
My car received $5000 worth of damage to the driver's door, fender, door pin, etc. A !!#**@@! "red light runner" was responsible.

The dealer said they would inspect the car after being repaired etc, etc to insure the car was "right" . The car is being repaired by an authorized BMWNA repair facility that actually does work for the Spartanburg plant's executive vehicles. They have state of the art facilities, so there's no question the car will be repaired and painted properly. BUT, I have 1309 miles on the beast and I know this will hurt the resale value. Just before the accident, I could have sold the car for about $88,000. But now that it is "tainted" so-to-speak what is it worth. The answer to that question will be the claim amount to the other !!#**%$!!'s insurance company for devaluation from the accident.

Can anyone provide information or a source that I can consult with as to the devaluation in value? HELP!!
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