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I just posted this email on the other thread but I thought I could get some feedback from knowledgeable board members who might miss this post.

This was an email to me from the person checking out the car.

If I need to retract anything I've said I will do willingly. I am conscious of keeping my recollection as accurate as possible.

This is an email from Edge discussing the results of my D/A M5. They dynoed my car after fixing the vacuum leaks (434rwhp then 432). The engine had about 1700-1900 miles on it.


As we discussed, our testing has revealed several issues that still exist with your car. We fixed one vacuum leak (at S/C inlet) and two Vacuum leaks (Intercooler fittings in the plenum and carbon fiber “Y” pipe. We then drove the car for about 75 miles to reset adaptation (per Discovery’s recommendation) and retested. The car is still showing as being lean above 3500 rpm. We re-verified fuel pressure and smoke tested the engine. There are no vacuum or boost leaks and the fuel pressure is fine. The regulator is also working properly.

We then drove the car and checked parameters. We found several oddities:

* Cylinder 5’s timing is 10-15 degrees less advanced than the other cylinders (this is presumably because the ECU is pulling timing)
* Bank 2 runs less fuel injector pulsewidth at WOT than bank 1. Not necessarily a concern on its own, but interesting nonetheless.
* VANOS adaptation is 5-6 degress off of “spec”
* At partial load and 4000-5000 RPM, the car hesitates BADLY
* Bank 1 smooth running values are all in the “+” while bank 2 is all in “-“ (-40 to -200)

Compression and Leakdown tests further revealed some possible issues:
1: 165psi (15%)
2: 153psi (13%)
3: 122psi (12%)
4: 157psi (15%)

5: 114psi (15%)
6: 109psi (17%)
7: 144psi (14%)
8: 135psi (13%)

The low and high cylinders were re-tested with no significant change in value. Bank 2 has lower compression in general than Bank1, as well as higher leakdown percentage on average. It also seems to have the most significant computer intervention. Tests were conducted warm. I will share this info with Bill and Sean at Discovery also.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed. Thanks!
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