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My dad's got a Peugeot Turbo diesel something or another...

He was concerned about something a couple of days ago and thought he would show me what was happeneing for my opinion. Basically when he takes the cap of the radiator expansion tank, there is massive pressure. Now normally on any car, I've had, if the system is hot, then you have to take it off, very, very slowly indeed, but yoiu can get it off and without the rush of water that he showed me.

The other thing is that with the engine running and the cap off, the collant can be seen bubbling up and causing coolant to escape out the over flow pipe.

The temp' doesn't seem to be rising, if it is then it is very little, but the top radiator hose that is going to/from the thermostat housing stays cold, indicating to me that it is closed.

I've drained the cololent and checked for oil, doesn't really seem to be any, took a small sample though and leaving it over night just to see if any oil seperates.

He mentioned that over the past week or so he has noticed an increase in smoke/steam from the exhaust, but this could just be the colder weather.

He also said that sometimes he doesn't get any hot air inside the car.

Car would not turn over yesterday, at the time he just put it doen to a jammed starter motor/solenoid or something as it turned over and started a couple of minutes later. I am now thiinking and wondering if it was possible the one of the cylinders had filled up with water through a leaking head gasket and thiis caused the engine not to turn over, ie not enough force to compress the water in the cylinder, is this possible?

He's already phoned a local gartage and they were only too happy to agree that the head gasket could be gone and ver more than happy to quote for the job, without first seeing the car, I would howerver appreciate any feedback and thoughts you may have...
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