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Credit where it's due - Benz Bavarian, Derby

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Just a quick mention for the guys who did my M5 over the past few days. They're both BMW Master techs, and work on BMW's as well as other top brands, Porsche, Mercedes etc.

It was due in on Thursday morning for it's MOT at 08.30. Of course, at around that time I was calling to say it would be arriving on a low-loader...

'No problem' and when I got there, before the AA guy had even got his trailer thing away, it was on the ramp and getting a check with DIS.

As I hadn't heard by the time I got home from work, I made a tentative call to 'see how it was'. 'Was going to call you before we closed, Mr Gibson, it's all done.' 4.5 hours and my starter motor issue was diagnosed, fixed and generally overhauled, heater controls fixed, MOT done, and the aircon serviced and regassed (and a few minor leaks sorted).

When I went to collect last night, they were happy to chat for 20 or so minutes as to the general condition, and when I asked about things like diff seal condition (I've not been under it yet), they had obviously checked these types of details. :M5thumbs:

All in all, very happy with service from Mark and Dan, and happy to recommend if you need something doing in the Derby (specifically Duffield) area. I had a recommendation from another E39 M5 owner on another forum.

Mark is the service manager, service number is 01332 843756.

Worth noting also that the service centre is not on Derby Road (that's the showroom), but Tamworth Street which is further up Derby Road.
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Another recommendation for credible men at work. These guys swapped the springs on my coilovers and replaced the brake lines with braided hoses, all without a hitch and for a fair price.
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