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Presuming that I can hear the window motor working but my window is not acting accordingly the fix would be just a regulator correct? Also will a 2000my need a vapor barrier as well? TIA

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Heres a post I did awhile back on this. Chances are the window has just come off the brackets that hold it
to the regulator but theres only one way to find out.....

So twice in the past month I have gotten in my car to find that my front windows would not roll down. First it was the passenger
side a few weeks ago then the drivers side yesterday. In both cases the window had simply come out of the track that holds it in place.
It's a relatively easy fix so I thought I would share, hopefully save some of you some money. Sorry no pics...

1. Remove the the little plastic cover and screw behind the door handle

2. Remove the screw hidden in the door air conditioner vent

3. Begin to remove the door panel by pulling it away from the door around the left right and bottom edges of the door (pop clips)

4. One those are free, pull the door panel out and straight up, this should free the panel from the large/master clip behind the large door handle (the one you pull to close the door when you get in) as well as the door lock stem on top, then push the actual door handle
(the one you use to open the door from inside) backwards, through the hole.

5. The door panel should now be free from the door, disconnect all of the wires, no need to worry they are all color coded or different sizes so you can go wrong putting them back.

6. Set the door panel aside and remove the master clip from the door and reinstall it into the door panel.

7. Then take the window controls out of the door panel by simply pushing them from behind (be careful as I cracked mine on the drivers side) and reattach them to the wires as you will need power to adjust the window while you are working on it

8. Remove the speakers, 3 large brass screws, and set aside

9. Now pull the thick rubber sound/weather proofing material from around the bottom of the door. It is secured by black sticky stuff so it can be a little messy. Fold it up and tape it to the top of the door so it is out of the way while you are working. I say this because the upper portion is behind the airbags and other stuff and I didn't want to mess w/ all of that....

10. Now you should have access the the actual window tracks, leave the glass up for now, remember nothing is holding it so be careful that it does not fall down inside the door and possibly break. Using the window controls roll them down and you will see the metal brackets that hold the window, If they wont roll down it is probably because they are not aligned on the track so you may have to adjust them on the track a bit.

11. When you get them down you will need a small safety/star wrench to adjust them. Loosen them and remove the rubber grommets inside them and clean them. Once they are dry reinstall them in the brackets and leave the bracket loose.

12. Now you are ready to set the window back in place, grab the window from both sides and lower it down, clean it and set it into the brackets. Tighten the screws a bit and test the window by rolling it up and down a few times to make sure it is working smoothly. If it wont roll all the way up or seems slow, loosen the screws and move the glass left or right, tighten and test again till you get it right.

13. Now grease the tracks/cables while you are in there, then repeat steps 9-1 in reverse order...

14. When you get to step 4 and are ready to actually reattach the door panel it can be tricky,you will want to start at the top of the door panel to fit it nicely under the metal strip that runs along the top. Be sure the master clip is in place and make sure that you do not pull the cable out of the actual door handle slot when you are feeding it back through the hole. To ensure that would not happen I took electrical
tape and wrapped it around that part. It sucks to do all of this and then find that the door wont open from the inside so I highly recommend it....
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