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Couple mods i did, forgot to mention

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Thanks to Beastpower, have a couple new mods I did actually a couple months ago now.

Brembos, and Hella LED rear tails


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Sweet....what about pics of the whole car? :cheers: ;)
There are some in my gallery in my profile. Shows with the Kelleners also.
Hey Gorilla ...

You gotta change those rear "Egg Yoke" looking bulbs to some Silvervisions or Spray Paint them Silver with Heat Paint. It'll make'em Hella Rears look a 1000 times better.
yeah i know, I could of, but bulbs and little tid bit changes dont excite me.

thanks though.
I recently changed my bulbs for the chrome ones and luv the effect, didn't think I'd see much difference but look a heap better IMO :wroom:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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