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Count the rust holes

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I believe we are up to 20 now. My welding bill gets bigger by the day. I'm told the entire back end and sills are now rust hole free! Its depressing, and yet strangely funny how i managed to miss all the rust when i bought it, since i really really should know better!

I'll try get some pics when i get a chance to go see Phil.

hey ho, at least she'll be back on the road shortly :)
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Vixpy , I regularly buy cars that appear quite well on initial inspection .

Then , upon washing them by hand for the first time , I notice little blemishes and dents that I hadn't seen before parting with my cash .

My first E28 M5 had certain amounts of visble rust when I first went to look at it , but it was only once I stripped it back , removing sill covers etc , that I saw exactly what needed rectifying !

As I said in other threads , I saw your car at the NS last year and she looked decent enough to me as she was flying round the track .

Enjoy the successes that you have , and don't be too hard on yourself when you don't do well .......You'll get her right and have the reassurance of knowing so , unlike most owners that never even inspect the areas that you mention !

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