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Couldn't get the M5, but I got the...

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07' 335i Sedan. Hah. I love it. Have had it for two days. It's silver on black with the sports/premium package. This is my first BMW. I am coming from a '04 C320 and before that I had a '03 Infiniti G35. The car is very gorgeous inside and can pick up speed quick. There's hardly any turbo lag. The handling is also a major upgrade coming from the C320. Anyway, will write a more meaningful write up after some more time behind the wheel.
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You are going to love the 335. This is so tuneable. The software out there can bring you to over 400 bhp and maybe even more.

The M5 would have been better but for the price you have acquired a real killer. It no longer is a sleeper because people already know how these 335's can be tuned.

Congrats, good luck and enjoy.

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