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Could not resist... Spring is here, time for some MODS

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ok i love driving modified cars, however my M5 has stayed stock longer than any other car I have owned, a testament to how great a package the M5 is.

Now about 5000km ago I got Axxis Ultimate pads, OEM rotors and Stoptech braided lines.. but that was just "maintenance"

Today I finally caved and got an EVO3 SSK, DSSR, UUC Red Tranny Mounts, RP Syncromax, Supersprint X-pipe (with stock cans) and topped it off with some fresh TWS 10W60. Surely these are very minor mods compared to many others on the board... But feels like a new car to me!! Shifting is much improved (a weak point of the car IMHO) and I get a little more aural feedback when heel and toe double clutching (old habits die hard). THANKS to M5BOARD.COM for helping me choose these mods! :byee55amg

I can't imagine the car needing anything else... but that's what i said a few months ago hiha

OK enough time and $ on the daily driver... gotta go get my Track Car ready for the new season!
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kcdoyle said:
Supersprint X-pipe (with stock cans) CB- What kind of sound/performance difference did you note with this mod? Thanks for your time! Seems to me to be a great way to go for around 500 bucks!! [/QUOTE said:
For performance, the x-pipe gives zero perceived HP gains.. perhaps a little better throttle response but that's probably psychological because there is more sound now. Inside the car, no annoying resonance, subjectively "maybe" 5% louder at idle. Floor the throttle at high RPMs I would guesstimate 20% more music from the exhaust... blasted through a tunnel this morning on my way to work with the windows down and I was a very satisfied customer. Nice subtle burble/rumble sounds when engine braking too. There are really no downsides to the SS x-pipe... its not as good as a Tubi, but given the low price the x-pipe is a no brainer!
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