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Hey guys.....I just wanted to thank Donna from Cottage carwash for being sooooo nice and for doing such an amazing job with my car today along with Bonehead's beast. They spent an hour cleaning my car for just a regular hand wash for 35 dollars. I thought i was getting a detailed. They r really amazing!!!!!!!!! I am sure alot of u guys that go there already know, esp LI-M5 neil, these guys r no joke when it comes to cleaning the car. It's worth every penny. After all these special spa treatment for my beast for an hour, Donna told me the wash is on her cos i have been a good customer.:cheers: After talking to her for a bit, she agreed to give all the board members(m3, m5, m6, etc) a 20 percent discount if u tell her that u tell her u r a board member and adrian with the black m6 referred u. Their address is
Cottage Car Wash
960 Steward Ave
Bethpage, NY
Tel: (516)942-9274:applause::applause:
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