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I took the car to the dealer from my alarm going crazy one night at work. Turns out the car has a faulty control unit that will have to be replaced and then reprogrammed which will take 6-8 hours. Where is the "control unit" would water affect it? I did go through a brushless car was earlier that day. Also if someone was actually trying to steal my car and they hit it with high voltage to try to disable the alarm would this fry the control unit? This is what caused the "Electrical System Malfunction" that poped up after that night.

Alarm went off 2 times first time I did not see it but the second time I was looking right at the car when it went off.
iDrive unslects the acoustic and flashing of the lights under door lock options so the car just locks the doors with no confirmation.
The status light on the review mirror does not flash when doors are locked so I assume the alarm is not armed.
When I drove the car home that morning the guages were bouncing around as "Electrical System Malfunction" poped up on the navigations screen.
I had to reset date and time when I got in the car to drive it home.
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