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We received notification that several vendors are replicating and selling fake copies of WeissLicht LED Angel Eye Lighting products under the WeissLicht brand name.

We are providing this alert to make the community aware of this problem and provide information on how you can be absolutely sure you purchase or have purchased an Authentic WeissLicht branded product.

How do I know if my WeissLicht product is authentic?
Only Authentic WeissLicht LED Angel Eye Products will arrive in the distinctive WeissLicht packaging which includes a tri color stripe and black box.

How do I protect myself and make sure I am purchasing an Authentic WeissLicht Branded product?
Only purchase from Authorized WeissLicht retailers:

  • Jlevi Streetwerks, Inc.
  • Bimmian Automotive
  • Beastpower Motorsports
  • SR Auto Group
  • Active Autowerke
  • Eurosport Tuning

Only Authentic WeissLicht products will be covered under the original manufacturer warranty and will ensure that you are receiving an authentic part that is safe for use.

If you are at all unsure about the vendor you are purchasing from, please contact a WeissLicht Distributor to verify authenticity.

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Thank you for the Warning Nick , I already got them , Ordered from you guys ;) So i shouldn't be worry .
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