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Confused??? Need Help!!!

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Just got the call from BMW today to make my order. I am completely confused on what is standard and what is optional on the M5. I have so many different pdf files all telling me what is supposed to be standard or optional and they are all conflicting.

Does anybody have the new US catalog for the M5 from BMWcenternet by chance?

I understand the stand-alone options but not the standard and optional equipment. Each country is different and thats where I am confused: Sunroof, basic Navigation, Audio, etc. Dont want to go to the dealer and say I want this or that and then have them say thats optional when in reality its standard. I am a young guy and dont want to be taken advantage off! Thanks!
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Just tell your dealer what you want and he'll put it down, then if you are lucky some of it will be standard equipment :7:
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