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Confused: MP3 Player Ability

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I tried to educate myself by searching and now I am even more confused.

I want to be able to have a 3.5mm Aux Cable so that I can plug into my phone(BB Bold)/Mp3 player/ipod, etc and play music from it through my DSP System....

What is the easiest way to achieve that?
Do I have to loose my CD changer?
Where do I buy the kit for the best price?

I don't want FM Transmitters or deck adapters but something hard wired..

PLEASE HELP this confused soul! 2000 M5
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Easiest way probably is purchasing iPod integration units like Dice and Intravee. If only you had a 09/2002+ you could just purchase a OEM Aux input and call it a day.

IIRC, you do not lose CD Changer capabilities.
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