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I posted a way back that I had consistently more wear on all the upper shells on the driver's side than on the passenger side which I thought odd but couldn't explain. When I saw the pics above I remembered 113 stamp is the same that I have on my old bearings and then I decided to investigate a bit further and found something pretty interesting. All of my lower shells are marked 706, all of the worst upper shells from the driver's bank are also marked 706, while all the shells from passenger side bank are marked 705 and have considerably less wear... Also worth mentioning that the 113 stamp is a different die on the 705 shells. Did anyone else find this with their bearings?


Bearings are in the same position in both pics.


I know very little about the bearing manufacturing process, but I expect that these 705/706 markings might be a batch/lot number and that this perhaps shows that there was some inconsistency in the way that the bearings were made or at least in the selection process?

I'm finally nearly finished with my bearing job and did recheck the vanos pump gear lash with a lever style dial test indicator and found that the lash was identical to what I got with the plunge dial indicator, however I will admit that I have the added piece of mind that my measurement is precise and will have less worry about it when I close this thing up and run the engine for the first time. Also while the plunge indicator seems to have achieved what I needed I have to say that setting that up was way more difficult than the lever indicator. Here's a link to the vid on that if anyone is interested.

I have a question for all you oil gurus out there. (yep an oil question, everyone loves those.) Would those in the know recommend running the bearings in with a cheaper lighter viscosity oil like a 0W40 or run a 0W40 exclusively? I read on FAMS that the BE bearings were made to run with the 10W60 syrup. Finally how many kms would you run the first batch of oil before checking the filter/replacing the oil?

Thanks in advance for thoughts and comments.
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