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comms pack pdf layout does it exist

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been hunting the web and search box for a general parts layout/location of all parts for a full loom sat nav /tv layout with dsp
just recieved what is ment to be all i need to transpalnt into my 01 e39 from another 01 e39 just need to see what fits where
and i have everything i need before i start,i looked at the retro nav refit but that doesnt help much.
any pointers or links that i might not have seen yet.
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i removed the old rear trunk cd changer and radio amp "not a bm54 type" just had 2 simple plugs in the top not a square multi type plug.
i removed the brackets as the new ones are different and spotted a white multi plug ..coming off the loom
is this what i need to connect the new loom to to test it out ..cmon i need a little help before i pop something expensive haha.

thanks H
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