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Anyone here with a scantool with datalogging capability? Want to compare measurement data? Want to help build a database of measurements of vital engine operating parameters?

I have a Carcode scantool software running on a laptop.

It is great, but without a baseline of comparison data it is hard to tell for certain what various parameters should look like.

I have been logging RPM, CLV, MAF and SPKadv on WOT acceleration runs from 700 RPM upwards in 6th gear with rolling start from about 20 MPH.

(CLV = Calculate Load Value, expressed as 0-100% the theoretical max torque at each RPM

MAF = mass airflow

SPKadv = Spark Advance, ignition timing expressed in degrees)

Also useful is data about outside air temperature and athmospheric pressure.

If we manage to establish what this data looks like in normally operating S62 engines, we will in the future be able to pinpoint how different engine problems affect these measurements.

If anyone wants to join this effort, and mail their logfiles to me, I will collect the data in an Excel file and post it here.

(The reason I started looking into this is my car has much more torque above 2000 RPM than below, and I want to understand why, and perhaps fix it. I then realised things would be much easier with comparison data, and that it might benefit fellow board members too if such data was collected.)

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