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Cold start issue:

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Looking for some input on my recent problem. On cold start ups I have to pump the throttle to get started. Once the M is running I could shut it down and start it up without feeding it fuel. After the 1st start up of the day she cranks over more than usual but kicks over & runs. Maybe it could be a regulator or something to that affect ?
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I got the same exact problem, my take is that it's a fuel pump return valve issue.
Got the fuel pump sitting, as soon as I get a chance, it will go in.
I'm almost certain it was related to my higher emission values as well.
Could also be leaky injectors. Regardless, it shouldn't be an expensive affair.

Note: It's more pronounced on cold days and almost imperceptible on warm days.
I hear some slurping sounds upon starting too coming from the pump.
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