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Good Morning:

I hope this finds each of you in good spirits as we trek through a suddenly cool Fall. I for one think a more southern location is in the cards. Perhaps a mid-Winter trip to sunny, warm Austin, Texas?!

For the 6th year in a row MVP Track Time is headed to Austin, Texas for some on-track fun. It’s time to sign up for three days of driving on America’s only purpose built F1 track, Circuit of The Americas (COTA) in Austin. MVP Track Time has scheduled our 6th annual three-day COTA track event for February 23 – 25, 2018.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the investment to play at COTA. The entry fee for all three days is $1,375, same price and 2014-2017. If you’d like to register for a single day or two days, contact me at (314) 249-3770.

Initially, as with our previous COTA events, this event will be for ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE skill/experience drivers only. If demand warrants it, we may open COTA to novice attendees.

If you are in doubt whether you meet the Advanced or Intermediate criteria, call me at (314) 249-3770 to discuss your experience. There are a limited number of spots available for COTA. Yes, COTA fills fast.

The $1,375 entry fee for all three days at COTA can only be completed with Pay Pal (you can use any major credit card through the Pay Pal system if you don’t have a Pay Pal account) at the link below:

Once you have completed the entry fee, head over to the “Registration Page” of MVP’s web site (link below) to register. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the blue outlined registration box. Click on the“Event” drop-down menu and choose Circuit of The Americas (COTA): February 23-25, 2018.

After we have allocated the registrations by run group, based on individual track experience, we will send out group confirmation e-mails to each run group. We will have four (blue, green, yellow and red) run groups allowing us to schedule two hours of track time daily.

In the spirit of transparency, the rental of COTA, as you can guess, is very expensive, so once you register, MVP will not be able to give you a refund until COTA is sold out and we have a replacement for you. If/when we can replace you, there will be a $100 cancellation fee. Inside of four weeks (January 26, 2018 and later) prior to the COTA event there is no refund. This is the expensive reality of renting Circuit of The Americas.

A ”Garage Rental” e-mail will go out when registration is complete. Each garage easily holds four cars, so there are plenty to go around, however, they are first come, first served.

If you have any questions, grab the phone and call me at (314) 249-3770 or you can e-mail [email protected].

Happy Motoring and I hope to see you at COTA. Enjoy your day.

Mark Pfeffer – MVP Track Time
Phone: (314) 249-3770
E-mail: [email protected]

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If you are interested in a 2-day($950) or single-day($495) registration for COTA February 23-25, 2018, call (314) 249-3770 or e-mail [email protected] for details.

Happy Motoring!


What kind of speed range do e60 m5's reach on main straight?
info would be useful for considering brake upgrade in preparation.

Only have experience at 3.15 mile 23 turn NCM Grand Full Course (braking from 135 mph into off camber decreasing radius "Faux Rouge" corner) using stock rotors and Hawk DTC 60/70 F/R pads with SRF fluid which are plenty using Pirelli Corsa 80 compound tires 285x35x19 F/R as long as I avoid extreme late braking by 4th lap, note; tires get greasy by 5th lap anyway; then 2 cool down laps (still mostly max throttle but let off early to use mainly engine braking) and repeat.

Quote from blog: NCM Motorsports Park ? A great track? ? Build Race Party

"I must admit, though, I have angst about racing here. The track narrows in several high-speed / high-risk spots, which have very little run-off space and daunting barriers. One such place is the run-up to the corner aptly nicknamed “Faux Rouge” (for it’s ability to eat cars like the turn at Spa-Francorchamps for which it takes its nickname). Here you are coming from questionably the fastest part of the track into a narrowing, uphill, right-hander that has a camber change from on-camber to off-camber at or before the apex. I had to remove my “Ain’t Skeered” sticker from the car after the first time I went through it."
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