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Hi guys,

I wonder if someone here can offer some advice. On Monday i did my CIC Retrofit, before doing the retrofit i was not aware that the CIC even came without DAB as an option (Makes no sense to me tbh). The retrofit went ok, on the rear of the CCC Unit i removed, i had a cable with a Black Connector that im pretty sure is the Antenna for both FM/AM & DAB. The CIC had the same black connector, so i assumed this was ok (this was before i even knew about the CIC not having DAB).

I got it all back together, i coded the VO so that the build date of the car was #0909 and also coded the car for CIC. Now initially when i was navigating the CIC, i had No Sound (This was a separate issue related to the software version on the Logic 7 Amp), however there was Radio Stations listed in the Autosearch section of FM/AM, i did not at this point check DAB, i was more concerned with no sound and missing M Drive options. I am not sure if these stations were remembered from the previous car it was installed in.

I flashed the CIC with a blank .man so that the car could code it to the VO spec, this worked ok and i got back all of my missing M Drive functions etc. However now i have no radio stations, cannot find anything manually tuning and there is nothing found in the DAB section.

Has anyone seen an issue similar to this? I pulled the config from the CIC and loaded it in NCSDummy and found there are multiple settings relating to Radio Bands types etc, but i wouldnt know where to start with them.

Im not overly fussed about DAB but it would be nice to have normal FM Radio whilst i get round to fitting my Combox.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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